Google to remove nearly 900K abandoned apps from Play Store

Google is preparing to purge nearly 900,000 apps, which have been abandoned or not been updated, from the Play Store. Google is preparing to hide those apps, making it impossible for users to download them until the developers update them.
Google and Apple have both unveiled measures to deal with abandoned apps or apps that have not been updated in two years. In Google’s case, that amounts to 869,000 apps, while Apple has some 650,000.

The main reason both companies are taking these measures is to protect their users’ security, reports IANS.

Google earlier deleted 150 malicious apps from play store. These apps were reportedly part of a campaign called UltimaSMS, which basically scammers lured Android users to sign in for premium SMS services.

Scammers alleged promised money in return of subscription to such premium services. As per the report coming from Avast Antivirus blog, the hundreds of apps that were a part of these malicious campaigns were downloaded by more than 10.5 million times.

As per the report, these fake apps were downloaded by users from over 80 countries with most downloaded by users in the Middle East, the US and Poland.

The report highlighted that when a user downloaded one of these malicious apps, the app checked details such as location, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and phone number to identify the country code and the local language. The app further asked users to enter their mobile number and sometimes email address to gain access to the app’s advertised purpose.

Users must always ensure to download verified applications from the Play store since there are number of unverified, third-party apps available on the platform. Before downloading such applications, users must check the developer, ratings and comments.

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