What is eCash coin?

What is eCash coin?

Today we are once again here with information about a new cryptocurrency, this cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency of the bitcoin family. It is an advanced technology based cryptocurrency which is a rebrand of Bitcoin Case ABC. It has given very good returns in the last few days. It is expected to give very good returns in the coming time as well. The name of that crypto currency is eCash coin. The purpose of which is to be used as an electronic case.

eCash, as the name suggests, is an electronic case.This is a fork coin of the bitcoin family. It has its own blockchain similar to bitcoin (BTC). Which is made with advanced technology which is not available in technology bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin ABC. It has been designed for the purpose of being used as an electronic cash. E-cash will be used as payment currency for purchasing goods and various services. The smallest unit of Bitcoin is Satoshi while the smallest unit of eCash is Bits.

3. eCash blockchain is integrated on Avalanche Proof-of-Stake consensus layer. But Avalanche blockchain is not used.

4. If you want to send 0.00001000 BTC then you can send 10 bits (eCash).

5. Following the rebranding of Bitcoin Cash, eCash announced that it will convert all BCHA coins to XEC in the ratio of one million to one million.

6. Decimals up to 8 places have to be eliminated in any cryptocurrency because decimals up to 8 places are not used in any currency.

eCash is founded by the developer Amaury Sechet.

Amaury Sechet

Amaury is the main developer of the Conscious Bitcoin team. Prior to joining Crypto, Sechet worked as a software engineer at Facebook. And as the lead developer at the stupid di compiler. He created eCash by rebranding Bitcoin Cash ABC.

by June 2022

eCash (XEC) Coin Rank :- #56

The eCash (XEC) coin is denoted by the short name “XEC”

The highest rate for eCash (XEC) coin was:- $0.0005926 on (Nov 10,2021)

The lowest rate for eCash (XEC) coin was:- $0.0000173 (July 20, 2021)

Return of Investment (ROI) of eCash (XEC) coin:-

Symbol of eCash (XEC) Coin (SYMBOL):-04aa74e3 b728 4335 86e8 96f204caedbe

Total Supply of eCash (XEC) Coins 2,10,00,00,00,00,000 is XEC.

The operating supply of eCash (XEC) coin is 1,90,92,13,59,23,303 XEC.

The eCash (XEC) coin works on a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. But to speed up the blockchain speed, it has also been linked to the Avalanche Post consensus mechanism which works on proof-of-stake.

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eCash (XEC) coin can be seen as a future currency. There will be more possibility of increasing the rate. The price of eCash (XEC) coin could be around $0.000237 by 2025.